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Tips for Elderly Care at Home

Elderly care at home by loved ones is particularly important for the quality everyday life and well-being of your loved ones. As the elderly may face problems and challenges, being cared for by their own people in a familiar environment creates feelings of happiness and familiarity. According to research, 80% of the elderly prefer to stay at home as they grow older. But how can you achieve quality care for your elderly at home? One of the ways to provide personalized care is to pay attention to the individual needs and wishes of the elderly family member. This may mean adapting their personal space to suit their needs and taking care of their hygiene.

Create an Environment Friendly and Adapted to Their Own Needs

When caring for elderly people at home, you ensure that their personal space is comfortable and safe. The elderly tend to be vulnerable to falls and need more support. Avoiding falls can be done by eliminating certain risks and creating appropriate conditions such as:

Good Lighting

Make sure all areas of the home are well lit to avoid fall hazards. Especially in the bathroom.

Arrangement of the Space

Make sure the area is clean and the items are placed in their place and not on the floor as they can cause accidents. Also, avoid placing things in high cabinets or shelves where access is not easy.

Install Support Handle in Bath and Toilet

It is common for elderly people to have body weakness and therefore find it difficult to lift their body weight without assistance. Support handles are therefore necessary as they help to avoid accidents and facilitate daily activities.

Consider Wheelchair Accessibility

When caring for an elderly person at home you may need to make some changes to the space. If your loved one has significantly reduced mobility then a wheelchair may be necessary. In this situation it is important to consider the wheelchair accessibility of the home. There are different variations of wheelchair depending on the needs of the patient. You can choose between an electric or manual wheelchair, a transport wheelchair or a toilet-bathroom wheelchair, etc.

Choose the Appropriate Bed in Case of Recumbent

If your loved one is bedridden then it is important to choose a comfortable hospital bed and an air mattress to prevent bedsores. Bed sores are the biggest problem as they reduce the quality of life of the elderly, increase pain and are wounds that are very difficult to close. The air mattress reduces pressure and decongests specific parts of the body, contributing to proper blood circulation and preventing the formation of wounds.

Beware of Carpets That Can Cause an Accident

Small rugs that are not slip resistant are a fall hazard as they can slip and cause an accident and injure the elderly person. Make sure you have non-slip rugs and a suitable bath mat along with a bath seat or chair.

Invest in Everyday Accessories for Greater Convenience

  When you are caring for an elderly person at home you will need to invest in aids. Such aids can be feeding aids such as food trays, bathing aids such as a bath seat, bed aids and general aids for daily use.

Spend Time With Your Elderly Loved Ones Doing Things They Love

When you take care of elderly people at home it is necessary to spend time with your loved ones doing things that they love and enjoy. This is not only important for spending quality time with them, but plays an important role for their cognitive and motor skills. When they are busy doing things they love, such as knitting, playing chess or even watching TV together, it helps to keep their mental activity healthy despite their age.

It is also important to support your loved ones to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is important when caring for older people at home to keep them healthy and reduce the risk of falls. Participating in simple, joint-friendly activities such as swimming, cycling, short walking and gentle yoga have many benefits for physical and mental health. Even if the elderly cannot move independently, the activity is beneficial. Support seniors at home by exploring enjoyable activities you can enjoy together, such as the simplest of walks in nature.

Make Sure They Have a Healthy Diet and Get Their Medication

Make sure the older person eats healthy, nutritious meals according to their diet plan. If they are taking medication as a treatment for a health problem, keep their medication in an accessible place with a label for dosage details. You can set an alarm to make sure that your loved one receives the medicine on time and does not forget it.

Offer Psychological Support

Older people need emotional security, as well as reassurance that someone cares about them. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for older people to become isolated, lonely or even suffer from depression. That is why it is important to care for the elderly at home, in a familiar environment for them. Both you and your loved one will feel more secure knowing what they are doing and how they are. It is important that they stay involved with their family and friends or even venture into new relationships. Visit them frequently and check on food supplies, meal routines and other important items during the visits. Offer personal and psychological support at medical visits and arrange medical examinations when needed.

Ask for Help with Elderly Care at Home

In case you have a busy schedule and you don't find the time you need to spend then you can ask for help from other loved ones. If possible, divide the responsibilities between you and other family members and anyone else you trust who is able to help.

Caring for the elderly at home is difficult and requires a lot of time and energy. It's important not to forget to take breaks, get away a bit and enjoy your life too. You may feel like you need to be there to care for the older adult in your life, but you also need to show up for yourself and recognize your own needs.

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