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Modern research shows that the biofilm plays an important role in the inability to heal chronic wounds and unfortunately it is present in over 90% of them. B Braun's Prontosanrange is the leading treatment method, with the unique & patented combination of polyhexanide & betaine..
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Female Incontinence Treatment

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Treatment of Keloid - Hypertrophic Scars

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Νοσηλευτής φοράει εξεταστικά γάντια νιτριλίου

Certified and dermatologically tested examination gloves from leading manufacturers for all uses.

Κορίτσι στο σχολείο με προστατευτική μάσκα

Unique offers & huge variety of products for professionals and the whole family.

Γιατρός με ζελέ υπερήχων και συσκευή πάνω από έγκυο

Perfect acoustics, compatible with all ultrasound heads, completely soluble, do not stain clothes & do not damage electrical devices.

Γυναίκα που τρέχει σε διάδρομο γυμναστικής στο σπίτι

Find at traumacare quality fitness treadmills for the perfect aerobic exercise at home. Burn calories at the most affordable prices on the market!

Meliseptol: Ready-to-use Surface Disinfection Range

Bladder Irrigation

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Medical Supplies & Equipment in traumacare

Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment for All Specialties

Traumacare is one of the leading suppliers of medical consumables and equipment in Greece. We provide products to general practitioners, hospitals, medical facilities, health care institutions, physiotherapists as well as to other professionals active in the medical and complementary medicine sector.

Fast shipment of your Medical Supplies & Equipment

We have a huge range of medical supplies and we always have the most common items in stock so we can deliver them to you quickly and reliably. In Greece, we offer the guaranteed fast delivery option in next business day for items in stock at an additional cost.

Diagnostic Tools in the traumacare Online Store

Finger pulse oximeters, digital forehead or armpit thermometers, arm sphygmomanometers and many other diagnostic devices from famous manufacturers such as Hartmann and Beurer can be purchased at low prices from the traumacare eshop. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about diagnostic tools and provide appropriate advice on all aspects of the software they may be using.

Quality Medical Consumables at Competitive Prices

We know very well that a wide range of medical supplies is required for the daily routine of healthcare. In the traumacare online store you will find a wide variety of medical consumables, like:

and countless other products that are regularly needed for the patient care and practical hygiene. In addition to our favorable prices, we offer an even bigger discount if you order a larger quantity.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea through CPAP - BiPAP Devices & Masks

Traumacare has many years of experience in the field of healthcare, but also the know-how in the CPAP devices - BiPAP & nasal and full face masks and offers reliable solutions for the sleep apnea treatment. As a certified EOPYY provider, we distribute products from leading companies worldwide, such as the Australian ResMed. Always through certified and proven procedures, following the medical diagnosis to the letter, our specialized experts suggest the most appropriate solutions for the effective treatment of sleep apnea.