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What Do We Put on A Burn? Tips for Burn Relief and Treatment

The burn can be mild or severe creating a first or second degree burn depending on its depth and extent. Burns can be very painful and can cause:

  • Red or peeling skin.
  • Blisters.
  • Swelling.

The amount of pain you feel is not always related to how severe the burn is. Even a very serious burn can be relatively painless.

How to Treat a Heat Burn

  1. First, we keep our cool.
  2. If there is any fabric or jewelry on the burn, do not try to remove it as this can cause more damage to the skin.
  3. Place cold running water on the burn for about 15 minutes. We can also use a solution with antimicrobial properties such as Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution to clean and avoid contamination of the burn area.
  4. We protect the burn by lightly covering the area with a sterile gauze or pad without applying pressure, so that the skin can "breathe".
  5. Protect the area with a silicone dressing that facilitates non-traumatic changes and ensures secure adhesion and a breathable environment for natural healing.
  6. If there is swelling and pain, you can take paracetamol or ibuprofen in consultation with a specialist.
  7. Do not break the blisters, as they may become infected.

We avoid prolonged exposure of the sunburned area to the sun.

What NOT to Put on a Burn

Any of the above can irritate and cause infection in a skin burn. A minor burn can take up to 3 weeks to fully heal. The deeper the burn, the more likely it is to leave a scar. It is normal for the burn to itch during healing. However, avoid scratching the area as it may cause injury or infection and delay healing.

When is a Skin Burn Infected?

If the burn becomes more painful or there is discharge from the wound, redness with pus or swelling, this means that the burn may be infected. Also if there is no improvement and the burn or burn has not healed in two to three weeks, you should contact your doctor.

In Which Cases Should We Visit the Doctor?

Burning and other mild burns can be relieved by using over-the-counter products such as Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution. However, for more severe burns with extensive coverage you should seek help from a healthcare professional.

Professional medical care is deemed necessary when it comes to:

  • Severe burns such as 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  • Chemical and electrical burns.
  • Large or deep burns. Any burn larger than the palm of the victim's hand.
  • Burns that cause white or charred skin.
  • Burns in sensitive areas such as the face, neck, hands, feet, any joints or genitals.

Protect your Burn and Accelerate its Healing with:

  1. B Braun Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution
  2. B Braun Prontosan Wound Gel 30g
  3. B Braun Askina Gauze Compresses

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