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Tonsil Stones: What Are They and How to Eliminate Them

What are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones as their name suggests are stones that form in the tonsils. These are small white or yellowish masses with an irregular shape that form in the sockets of the tonsils. There are many who do not know that tonsil stones are possible and characterize the stones as "white lumps in the throat that smell". Tonsillitis have a bad smell and are observed on the tonsils, while they can "stick out" and be located in the back of the throat or in various places in the oral cavity.

What Causes Tonsil Stones?

How do tonsil stones form? Tonsil stones form from debris that accumulates in the folds of the tonsils. Tonsils play a protective role in the immune system. These slits act as nets that trap bacteria, viruses and germs. These bacteria and viruses, mucus and food debris get trapped in the sinuses and calcify creating tonsil stones.

Tonsillitis and bacteria that build up in the tonsils can cause blockage and intratonsillar abscess. Also, when they are large they can cause difficulty in swallowing and discomfort due to the sensation of a foreign body in the oral cavity.

Bacteria and viruses survive within niches due to biofilm formation. But what is a biofilm? In short, it is a colony of bacteria that often adhere to each other on a surface. These colonies are created by many pathogenic microorganisms and are protected from external factors. In this way, they manage to bypass the mechanisms of our immune system, and often even antibiotics and remain even more resistant!

Tonsil Stones Symptoms

Tonsil stones show no symptoms but may become visible in your mouth. The most common symptoms that may be due to tonsil stones are:

  • Bad breath (Halitosis).
  • Sensation that something is stuck in the throat.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Sore throat.
  • Small white or yellow stones stuck in the throat that you may spit out.
  • Throat infections that are difficult to treat with antibiotics. In these cases, tonsillectomy is recommended.
  • More rarely ear pain.

Why Do I Keep Getting Tonsil Stones?

If you have frequent tonsil stones, this means that you probably have enlarged tonsils. These niches grow after each infection of the tonsils. If you often get tonsillitis, then you are more likely to develop tonsil stones.

How to Treat Tonsil Stones

  1. Initially, you can prevent the formation of tonsil stones with good oral hygiene and by brushing your teeth daily without fail.
  2. Avoid frequent consumption of foods rich in calcium such as dairy products. Prefer the consumption of sheep's yogurt, which is rich in probiotics, beneficial for the body's defense and the fight against "bad" bacteria.
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  4. Try gargling with salt water. The salt water helps to remove the stones from the tonsils.
  5. In case the stones are large and visible in the neck area, you can try using a cotton swab to remove them, however with special care.
  6. Using non-alcoholic mouthwashes can be extremely effective in frequent tonsillitis and tonsillitis without having to spend a fortune on expensive sprays to treat this issue.

Do You Get Tonsillitis Often or Have Tonsil Stones Repeatedly?

Try Prontoral Antimicrobial Oral Solution with Polyexanide by B Braun!

  • Ready-to-use mouthwash to clean and decolonize the mouth from drug-resistant bacteria that create stones and cause tonsillitis.
  • Eliminates odors, bad taste and gives fresh breath.
  • No staining of the oral mucous membranes.
  • Without alcohol.
  • Maintains normal oral flora.
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