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BBraun Cystofix® Punction Set J Complete set CH10,8cm,with 2L urine bag,Ready to Use

BBraun Cystofix® Punction Set J Complete set CH10,8cm,with 2L urine bag,Ready to Use

by B|Braun

CODE: C0248 | ΕΑΝ: 4046964016769 | Part No: 4450150

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Cystofix® Punction Set J

Ready to Use Suprapubic Catheterization Kit

Experience unparalleled ease, precision, and patient comfort with the Cystofix® Punction Set J, a cutting-edge solution for suprapubic percutaneous urine catheterization. This complete catheter set is meticulously designed, offering advanced features for optimal patient care and practitioner convenience.

Key Features:

  • 🚀 Ready to Use

    The Cystofix® Set J features a preassembled catheter within the cannula, streamlining the preparation process and minimizing the risk of sharp injuries during setup.

  • 💡 Optimal Design

    The Certon® catheter, made of polyurethane, boasts a curled pigtail (J) tip with depth markings, ensuring precise placement and high drainage flow.

  • 📏 Versatile Sizes

    Available in CH10 or CH15 and in a 65cm length, catering to diverse patient needs with options for customization.

  • 👁️‍🗨️ Enhanced Visibility

    The open tip with 7 drainage eyes inside the loop ensures efficient drainage, and the universal connector enables a closed system for added hygiene.

  • ⏸️ Controlled Flow

    Featuring a slide clamp, practitioners can stop the urine flow on demand, enhancing control and patient comfort.

  • 🔧 Easy Handling

    The set includes a thin and sharp stainless steel cannula, splittable with a "3-wing" handling grip for effortless and secure handling.

  • 🛡️ Comfortable Insertion

    Internal siliconized ("glide effect") for easy insertion, promoting patient comfort during the procedure.

  • 👜 Convenient Packaging

    Provided in boxes of 10 sets, ensuring practitioners have a convenient and efficient supply for patient care.

  • 🌐 Optional 2L Urine Bag

    Available with or without a 2L urine bag, offering a closed system with a bottom outlet, anti-reflux valve, needle-free sampling port, and a 1.20m tube for comprehensive patient care.

Product Details:

  • Thin cannula options: Ø3.6mm or 5.6mm, with lengths of 8cm or 12cm
  • Indicated for bladder drainage when urethral catheterization is not feasible or has failed
  • Recommended for short-term use due to the J tip catheter requiring fixation to the skin


Recommended for the drainage of the bladder with a suprapubic catheter when urethral catheterization is contraindicated or unsuccessful.

Choose the Cystofix® Punction Set J for unparalleled ease, precision, and patient comfort in suprapubic catheterization. Elevate your practice with this advanced solution.

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Manufacturer B|Braun
Material Group Suprapubic punction, Polyurethane
Color Black
Cannula Lengh 8cm
Catheter Lengh 65cm




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BBraun Cystofix® Punction Set J Complete set CH10,8cm,with 2L urine bag,Ready to Use
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