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B Braun Vasofix Safety Venous Catheter with flaps and an injection port

B Braun Vasofix Safety Venous Catheter with flaps and an injection port

by B|Braun

CODE: SU0204 | ΕΑΝ: - | Part No: 4268156S-01

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B. Braun Vasofix Safety IV Catheter

Experience Unmatched Safety and Efficiency in Intravenous Access

Unlock the Power of Safe and Seamless Vascular Access

Introducing the B. Braun Vasofix Safety IV Catheter – your gateway to a new era of secure and efficient intravenous procedures. Engineered with advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology, this catheter ensures not only patient comfort but also elevates healthcare professional confidence.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary Safety Clip Technology 🔐

    Experience a paradigm shift in safety with our self-activating clip technique. The needle tip is secured immediately after withdrawal, virtually eliminating the risk of needlestick injuries.

  • Effortless Medication Administration 💊

    Say goodbye to unnecessary repunctures. The integrated injection port allows for quick and seamless drug transfer, enhancing patient care and reducing procedure time.

  • Precision in Every Puncture 🎯

    Our catheter boasts an atraumatic needle tip with a 3-facet bevel, ensuring excellent puncture characteristics for optimal patient comfort.

  • X-ray Visibility and Blood Stop Valve 🩹

    Gain confidence in precise placement with four fully embedded X-ray contrast strips. The hydrophobic blood stop valve adds an extra layer of safety for both patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Color-Coded, Latex-Free, and PVC-Free 🌈

    Choose with clarity – our catheters are color-coded for size, latex-free, and PVC-free. Prioritize patient safety and reduce allergy risks.

Unveiling Unmatched Excellence

Indulge in the details that set our Vasofix Safety IV Catheter apart. Equipped with an FEP catheter, a removable lock closure cone, and a cannula with a lock attachment, each catheter is individually sterile-packed to meet ISO standards.

Guiding Your Practice

For optimal results, follow the recommended cannula size based on patient needs. Remember, the self-activating clip technique enhances safety, but avoid reinserting the steel cannula into the catheter after withdrawal for maximum effectiveness.

TRBA 250 Compliance

Rest easy knowing that our Vasofix Safety IV Catheter aligns with TRBA 250 standards. We believe in making the use of safe instruments mandatory for all activities involving the transfer of body fluids, reducing needlestick injuries and promoting a safer healthcare environment.

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Selecting the right cannula size is an art. For adults, consider green (18 G) or white (17 G) brown catheters. Tailor your choice to the patient's vein size, ensuring a comfortable and efficient procedure.

Transform Your Practice Today

Elevate your intravenous procedures with the B. Braun Vasofix Safety IV Catheter. Order now to unlock a new level of safety, efficiency, and patient-centric care!

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Manufacturer B|Braun
Dimensions 17G 1.5x45mm
Class I.V.
Gauge 17G




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B Braun Vasofix Safety Venous Catheter with flaps and an injection port
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