Traumacare is also active in the field of home care services. Providing high quality health care services as well as discreet and comfortable treatment in the patient’s environment, improves their well-being and enhances the quality of life of both them and their relatives.

The provision of nursing services at home is widespread in Europe and the US because:

– It is ideal for patients who need further care at home or they are unable to move or travel
– Unnecessary and lengthy transports can be avoided
– Hospital acquired infections (HAI) can be avoided
– There is continuous evaluation of the treatment and adjustment according to each patient’s personal needs

The above, with constant contact and cooperation with the treating doctor, for as long as needed, ensure a speedy low-cost recovery.

Nursing Team

Traumacare has a team of experienced, highly trained nurses, accomplished in health and rehabilitation field. With absolute respect to each patient and their needs, our goal is to offer complete service packages to people like:

– Elderly or disabled people
– People with chronic health problems
– Patients after their discharge from hospital who need further treatment


– Local
– Bed cleansing
– Bathroom cleansing in special seat

Diaper changing
– Bladder catheterization
– Intermittent Catheterization
– Urinary catheter changes

Bladder irrigation
– Low
– High
– With digital rectal

– From the mouth
– Intestinal
– Parenteral (Levin)

Dressing changes – ulcers
Dressing changes – wounds, burns
Sutures removal
Ostomy care: colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, nephrostomy
Tracheostomy Care

– Intramuscular
– Subcutaneous

Venipuncture (peripheral catheter)
Intravenous medication – sera
Oxygen therapy, nebulization

Monitoring and recording of vital signs
– Arterial pressure
– Beats
– Breathing
– Oximetry
– Temperature

Blood glucose measurement and insulin injection
Cholesterol, triglycerides, lactate measurement
Blood collection – Transfer to laboratory testing
Urine Collection – Transfer to laboratory testing
Collection of various biological fluids – Transfer to laboratory testing