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How to Eliminate the C-Section Scar

The C-section scar is a hypertrophic scar as it is a result of a surgery. What do we call a hypertrophic scar? The hypertrophic scar has a reddish color, protrudes slightly above the surface of the skin and does not extend beyond the boundaries of the traumatic surface.

Over time, a hypertrophic scar can develop into a keloid scar. The factors that determine the development of a hypertrophic keloid scar are mainly hereditary.

Cesarean section today is a solution for many pregnant women who resort to surgery. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), the C-section rate in Greece in 2017 reached 58%, while it states that C-section is medically acceptable in 15% of baby deliveries. In other words, one in two women chooses a C-section over normal delivery. However, as common as C-section is, it is still a surgical procedure that requires special after care.

However, there are ways to prevent the appearance of a keloid scar in the future with proper care and treatment. A C-scar that has healed quickly has very little chance of developing into a keloid scar.

How to Avoid a C-Section Scar Turn into a Keloid

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is an indelible memory. There is no need, however, for the C-section scar to remain indelible on your body. As a new mother, it makes sense that most of your time is spent taking care of your baby. Many mothers tend to neglect c-section care. Your body, however, deserves to be taken care of, since thanks to it, you gave birth to your baby. There are small habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will make a huge improvement in healing and minimize the c-section scar.

Take your Time to Rest

After any surgery it is vital for you to rest in order for you to have a fast recovery. In the first few weeks it is good to focus only on your baby's care and your recovery. Avoid heavy lifting or placing the baby on your belly over the incision site as this may cause injury. Any injury to the incision site will lead to slow healing and may intensify the C-section scar.

Clean the Incision Properly

Once the bandage is removed, avoid taking a bath in a full tub. Instead, prefer to shower. During showering, you can apply a waterproof bandage over the incision to keep the incision dry. To clean it, it is recommended that you use an antiseptic solution such as Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution, for post-operative wounds. This way you will avoid a possible infection that could make the C-section scar more noticeable.

Massage and Put Pressure on the Incision Area

Doing massage and putting pressure on an incision has been shown to work adjunctively in scar healing. Massage can reduce the formation of scar tissue and help ensure a smooth, elastic and pain-free scar. After talking with your doctor and 4 weeks after the C-section surgery, you can massage the scar, working in a rubbing motion – side to side, up, down and then diagonally. You can even lift and roll the scar between your thumb and forefinger. By massaging two to three times a day for five to ten minutes at a time, it can ensure, in the long run, a smooth and elastic scar, without a trace of a C-section scar.

Place Silicone Pads on your Incision

Silicone pads can play a contributing role in the process of scar healing. They are the safest and most effective non-invasive solution to reduce scars. Silicone sheets increase the breakdown of collagen within the wound and exert pressure on the scar thereby preventing the formation of excessive scar tissue. In this way, it positively affects the process of reconstruction under the surface of the skin and dramatically reduces the probability that the C-section scar will remain permanent. Incision scars will no longer be an issue with B Braun's Askina Scar Repair Silicone Pads, as they will give you an aesthetically appealing result. Askina Scar Repair Silicone Pads offer bacterial protection, when used properly, as well as protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

How To Use Askina Scar Repair Silicone Pads on C-Section Scar

1st Step: Use the silicone sheet in the incision at least 2-4 weeks after the C-section surgery, after the stitches have been removed and according to your doctor's advice.

2nd Step: Make sure the incision area is dry and clean as well as there are no open wounds.

3rd Step: Remove the plastic back from the silicone sheet and apply the sticky surface on the incision. You can even cut the silicone sheet to the dimensions and the size you want to apply it. In this way you extend the duration of their use and make savings. For even better results you can place a pressure garment over the silicone sheet.

4rth Step: Wear the silicone pad for a maximum of 22 hours a day. After removing the silicone sheet, clean the C-section and the silicone pad with water. The duration of use of each silicone sheet is between 5-7 days. You can change it when its adhesive surface becomes saturated.

  Their use is recommended for 3 months. Of course, this time can vary depending on the scar and the healing time. With the use of Askina Scar Repair silicone sheets, the C-section scar will no longer be visible.

Regenerating Creams

  Combined with the above, you can also include in your routine the use of a regenerating cream for the treatment of the C-section scar. The hydration of the scar is quite important for the repair and reconstruction of the skin tissue. A regenerating cream acts soothingly like an invisible bandage that protects the scar area from a bacterial infection. Creams with madecasozide are recommended as these have regenerative agents.

Let's not forget that the C-section scar hides pleasant memories and deserves the best care!

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