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B|Braun Certofix  Triple-lumen catheter set (7fr, 15cm)

B|Braun Certofix Triple-lumen catheter set (7fr, 15cm)

by B|Braun

CODE: SU0233 | ΕΑΝ: - | Part No: 4161157E

  • Accurate ECG positioning.
  • X-ray detectable.
  • Anti-kinking guide wire.
  • Stable catheter fixation.
  • Color-coded Luer-Lock hubs.

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  • Accurate ECG positioning.
  • X-ray detectable.
  • Anti-kinking guide wire.
  • Stable catheter fixation.
  • Color-coded Luer-Lock hubs.

B|Braun Certofix Trio 715,720,730

Introducing the Certofix® Trio 715, a triple-lumen catheter set engineered for precise catheterization of the vena cava using the Seldinger technique. Enhanced with ECG-based tip placement and position control, this set is designed for superior performance in critical care environments.

🌟 Key Features

  • 🔊 ECG Tip Positioning: Facilitates accurate central venous catheter placement with ECG-based control.
  • 💡 X-ray Detectable: Opaque, ensuring visibility under X-ray for secure placement verification.
  • 🚫 Anti-Kinking Guide Wire: Kink-proof with a flexible J-tip, promoting smooth insertion.
  • 🔐 Secure Attachment: Features fixation wings and a movable fixation mechanism for stable catheter positioning.
  • 🎨 Color-Coded Luer-Lock Hubs: Simplifies identification and management of multiple lumens.
  • 🔪 Safety Scalpel: Designed to reduce the risk of sharps injuries during the procedure.
  • 💧 Safsite® Valve: Needle-free valve for safer, simpler infusions and blood withdrawal.

🔍 Application

Optimal for emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, oncology, and paediatrics, the Certofix® Trio 715 supports a broad range of therapies including vasopressors, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and hemodynamic monitoring.

📦 Components

Each set includes a valve or Seldinger needle, dilator, scalpel, ECG cable, Safsite® connector, and Omnifix® syringe, among other essentials for a complete catheterization procedure.

🛒 Ordering Information

To learn more about the B|Braun Certofix Trio 715 or to place an order, please contact B|Braun directly or visit our website for detailed product specifications and ordering options.

Product Specifications

Product Code Type Size (Fr) Length (cm) Guidewire (cm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Catheter Volume (ml) Needle Type
Trio V 715 3 Lumen 7 15 50 50/28/28 0.340/0.205/0.195 V 18
Trio V 720 3 Lumen 7 20 50 46/22/22 0.380/0.215/0.205 V 18
Trio V 730 3 Lumen 7 30 50 38/18/18 0.460/0.240/0.230 V 18

Guidewire Specifications

Guidewire Type Length (cm) Diameter
Flexible J-Tip 50 0.89 mm
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Manufacturer B|Braun
Class Central Catheter Set




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B|Braun Certofix  Triple-lumen catheter set (7fr, 15cm)
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