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How to re-issue electronic prescriptions for chronically ill people with Intangible Prescription

The immediate risk of coronavirus spread accelerated the need for full electronic prescribing. As of 23/03/2020, the Intangible Recording of IDIKA (Electronic Government of Social Security) was put into partial operation and thus, for the first time, the possibility of re-issuing prescriptions in the Electronic Prescribing System for chronic patients was given.

From 10/02/2021, the Intangible Prescription came into full force and now the treating physicians can re-issue monthly or repeated prescriptions (up to three repetitions of fixed medications) that the chronically ill receive, remotely.

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This is the process of re-issuing prescriptions remotely with Intangible Prescription for chronically ill

First of all, it is necessary to register in the Intangible Prescription Service. Every patient, chronic or not, must activate the Intangible Prescription, stating the mobile phone number and the email in which he wishes to receive electronically the medicines and the referrals of examinations that are prescribed to him.

  1. The patient can now ask the doctor to reissue his prescription, via telephone, SMS, email or fax. In other words, you don’t need any visit to the doctor’s premises.
  2. The doctor enters in the system the monthly or repeated prescription of the chronically ill, without printing it or filling in the accompanying documents of the prescription.
  3. Once the doctor registers the prescription, the patient is automatically informed of its issuance by SMS or email or both. In all cases there will be at least the prescription barcode and the validity period.
  4. These electronic prescriptions of the chronically ill are obligatorily executed through the system of the Intangible Prescription Service, based on the barcode and of course, without requiring any hard copy at all. The pharmacist or the official EOPYY provider retrieves the intangible prescription through the ePrescription platform, using the prescription code or the AMKA of the patient and delivers or sends the prescribed medicines or materials.
  5. Once the perscription is executed, the citizen will receive a relevant information message via SMS or email containing the execution details.

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