Ready-to-use Surface Disinfection Meliseptol products

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Ready-to-use surface disinfection Meliseptol

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For sensitive & alcohol resistant surfaces

Ideal for small surfaces & medical devices

Certain Meliseptol products (Wipes Sensitive and Foam Pure) are ideal for sensitive & alcohol resistant surfaces, such as ultrasound devices, infusion pumps, incubators, dialysis machines, medical beds and examination chairs, etc.

Did you know:

Exposure time
Depending on the Meliseptol product there may be slight variation in exposure times
Surface disinfection Bacteria, yeasts (C. albicans) and enveloping viruses (including HBV, HCV, HIV, Vaccinia virus, BVDV, Corona-, COVID-19)
DGHM/VAH 09 /2001 (corr. EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 13697), EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 1276, D V V/RKI
1 minute
4-Field-Test (bacteria and yeasts)
EN 16615
1 minute
Mycobacteria (TbB)
DGHM 09 / 2001 (corr. EN 14348)
30 seconds
Fungi (A. brasiliensis / Candida Auris)
EN 14562
15 minutes
Non-enveloped viruses
DVV / RKI carrier test
10 minutes
Avian Influenza A
15 seconds
15 seconds
1 minute
EN 14476
30 seconds
5 minutes
Surface carrier test
10 minutes
Norovirus FCV
2 minutes
Norovirus MNV
EN 14476
1 minute

Meliseptol® B.Braun products

Exposure times for complete disinfection

Meliseptol products are very easy to use and have a wide range of effectiveness. They are Bactericidal ( MRSA) , Mycobactericidal ( M. Terrae) , Fungicides, Tuberculous, enveloped viruses strong > ( HBV, HIV, HCV, Corona- ) and Non-enveloped viruses ( adenovirus, norovirus, polyvirus, rotavirus ) .

Small surfaces

For all surfaces such as knobs, tables, chairs, handles, glasses, etc.

Surfaces that patients touch

Ideal for disinfecting the area where the patient is and a full & effective disinfection is needed.

Suitable for:

Food processing areas

Meliseptol products can be used in food processing areas.

Medical devices

Ideal for disinfecting medical devices that are Sensitive to alcohol.

Meliseptol® B.Braun products

Useful information about Meliseptol disinfection products

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Surfaces: Alcohol resistant:
Surfaces: Sensitive to alcohol:
Meliseptol® HBV Tissues
Meliseptol® Wipes sensitive
Meliseptol® rapid
Meliseptol® Foam pure

For surfaces Alcohol resistant:

For surfaces Sensitive to alcohol:

Satisfied users of Meliseptol products

“It helped reduce the waiting time between my clients. Very fast disinfection."
Sophia R.
"I am using it in the kitchen of my restaurant and I am very happy. I do not have to wait for hours for it to disinfect my counters."
Kostas K.
Restaurant Owner
"I recommend it to my clients because it is ideal for disinfecting the area they are in. Because of their weak immune system, the area they are in must be fully disinfected."
Peter T.
Home Health Care

No more time-consuming disinfection processes

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Ready-to-use surface disinfection Meliseptol