Traumacare Group – Facts and Figures

Τraumacare is a company active in the field of medical devices and personal hygiene and equipment and is one of the largest companies in the field nationwide. The philosophy of our company is anthropocentric and our main concern is both the treatment and the patient’s quality of life. The products and services provided by Traumacare include not only expertise and knowledge, but also understanding and respect for the patients’ needs.

With its constantly growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, Traumacare is always beside the patient, regardless of cost, wanting to ensure the best possible state of their physical and mental health. In total, Traumacare product range comprises over 1000 different products, 95% of which being manufactured in the EU. Alongside the range of products, Taumacare’s supplementary nursing, consulting and technical services offer complete solutions to patients and their relatives, while our educational services develops the best solution for patients in close partnership with our customers, making a significant contribution to medical advancements.

Our philosophy

Anyone seeking to improve people´s health must examine the tasks at hand and meet them head on. They must constantly gain understanding, recognize new opportunities and be passionate and committed to finding effective solutions.

With more effective treatments, user-friendly products and product systems, and by developing safer procedures, with efficient processes, great cost-effectiveness, and better market opportunities and by lowering risks, resulting in improved treatments and shorter stays in clinics we can sustainably improve the health of people . People of Traumacare believe that life is a gift. That is why we are always close to the patients and help people who alleviate suffering by putting themselves in the service of life, research, health and healing.

Nursing team

Traumacare’s nursing team consists of experienced, highly trained nurses, renowned in the field of health and rehabilitation. With absolute respect to the patient’s needs, our goal is to help your training for the proper application and management of the products that you purchased. For any problem or emergency that occurs, please contact our company and our nurses will visit you in your place, free of charge, to help you solve the problem or evaluate the healing process.


For any questions, advice or clarifications about the products that you purchased, their application or the insurance compensation procedure, you are free to contact our support department daily from 9:00 to 17:00 except weekends